Making a Pond on a Budget: Three Savvy and Budget-Friendly Landscape Designs in Norwalk CT

by | Sep 20, 2016 | Landscaping


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A pond or fountain is a fantastic inclusion for a courtyard landscape. It offers that sonic beauty with the constant patter of water. It offers an alluring visual capstone and something that can help center the entire landscape. The only bad thing is that fountains often cost a mint. Below are three Landscape Designs in Norwalk CT using a fountain, but managing to do it on a reasonable budget.

A Pond as a Dividing Line

A pond is delicately built in the center of the courtyard. A concrete dividing line runs through the pond and to both sides of the fountain. What has been created is a whimsical division, a separation of one part of the courtyard from the other. Interestingly, the area immediately surrounding the pond could consist of mild vegetation and grass. It creates an alluring effect. Though there is a clear division present, the yard itself is uniform and seamless. It is an impeccable way to create dimension in the courtyard while on a budget. It also requires very little else around it. The size of the pond is concise and framed to fit a modest budget.

The Sunken Garden

The largest cost in this concept is the excavation, which would be required to get that sunken design in place. From there, the sky is the limit while the budget is fair and low. The sunken garden can be designed just like any regular garden space. This means affordable plants and a modestly designed pond space. The pond can sit in the middle, and be small to fit the whole garden appropriately.


The span of a pond contributes to the cost. Big ponds come at a big cost. This is why many Landscape Designs in Norwalk CT revolve around the idea of making the pond vertical. This is accomplished through long decorated tubes that draw water down and through to the pond they rest in. It’s an affordable way to add a big trickle to the pond. It also sustains a nice water flow without necessarily needing a big and costly filtering system.

Giglio Landscaping Services LLC deploys these ideas, and more, to make a landscape pond on a budget. The company understands both the need to add to the landscape and to do it for a fair price. Ponds remain a brilliant way to accomplish both goals.

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