Wastewater Treatment Process in Houston, TX- How Is Wastewater Treated?

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Sep, 2016


The wastewater treatment process usually varies depending upon the type of water. For instance, the wastewater that leaves your house generally undergoes a series of simplified purifying techniques to make it fit for release into the environment again. On the other hand, the wastewater released from certain companies and factories is not so easy to clean. Wastewater treatment companies have to follow a series of specific steps to reduce the toxicity levels in the water so that it can be released into rivers or the sea again. Here are a few ways by which wastewater is treated.


Understanding the wastewater treatment process in Houston, TX is important. Solids and non-polar liquids are removed from the water with the help of gravity. The water is left in a settling tank, where certain obstacles either begin to rise to the top or fall to the bottom depending upon the difference in their densities.


The wastewater might also be passed through fine filters to remove smaller particles. The water is passes through extremely fine screens to remove the thin particles. Some filters also focus on the removal of impurities by making use of biological or chemical processes.


Oxidation is another common wastewater treatment process used in almost every wastewater treatment plant. This reduces the biochemical oxygen demand of the wastewater, which ultimately helps bring down the toxicity of certain impurities. It’s primarily used for disinfection and is one of the best forms of wastewater treatment. There are plenty of other treatment processes used by companies, such as polishing, chemical oxidation, and phase separation. Primarily, the treatment method depends on the amount of toxicity and the type of purification required. To know more about the wastewater treatment process in Houston, TX, visit website.

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