Making Sense of Bail Bond Myths Common in Fort Collins, Colorado

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2020


Myths are perpetuated even about the most basic, simple, and well-known subjects. As you’d imagine, there are even more myths about more obscure topics such as jail, prison, and bail bonding. Scroll down to learn the truth behind these myths regarding bail bond services in Fort Collins, CO.

Myth – Bailing out Requires Cash

Bail is, in fact, expressed via dollar value. However, cash isn’t the only asset that’s accepted by courts to secure pre-trial release – a.k.a. making bail. Although things like bank accounts, vehicles, homes, and jewelry aren’t always accepted, many courts doaccept these things. However, expect to provide at least one-and-a-half times the value of your bail if you use these alternative assets to secure release.

Myth – Bail Bonds Are Expensive

Bail bonds cost a percentage of how much your bail is, usually somewhere between 10% and 15%. If you forego the assistance of a bail bondsman and try to post bail yourself, you’ll have to surrender that dollar amount in full to the court, but are likely to receive the money back. Bail bondsmen make pre-trial release cheaper, but you don’t get your money back.

Myth – Serving the Charges’ Jail Sentence Is Better

Some people believe it’s either easier, less costly, or otherwise better to serve the recommended jail sentences that accompany criminal charges, especially if your charges aren’t that major. However, you should never plead guilty without at least beginningtopursue the legal process. Charges oftentimes don’t end up sticking – why serve a sentence for something you may not get charged for?

We Know a Lot about Bail Bonds

We’re Alda P & Ron’s Bonds, a provider of bail bond services in Fort Collins, CO; we encourage you to visit us to get more information about our bail service.

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