Medical Marijuana: How to Apply 101

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2019


Applying for medical marijuana in Philadelphia Pennsylvania is the easy, crucial prerequisite to eligibility for legal dosing. Registration gives you access to a wide array of crafted, artisanal products engineered and curated to alleviate pain, nausea and a host of other symptoms. Here’s a brief rundown of the entire process.

How to Get a Pennsylvania MMCC Identification Card

In order to apply for medical marijuana in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, you must first create a patient profile through the Pennsylvania Department of Health. The application is very basic and takes minutes to complete. You need a valid state identification or driver’s license, a legal address, and several forms of contact info, such as email and a working phone number.

After creating a patient profile, get certified by a physician who is registered with the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program. The certification confirms that you have a condition that qualifies you to receive a medical marijuana card. Pay your card fee through the registry. After receiving your card, you’re ready to peruse the menu at your local dispensary.

Types of Medical Marijuana to Consider

Menus for medical marijuana in Philadelphia Pennsylvania are quite extensive, creative and interesting. Better still, variety may vary slightly between dispensaries, which is a good incentive to visit multiple locations in order to sample unique menu items. Each menu also boasts an assortment of medical marijuana strains and sub-species.

Herbology’s Philadelphia dispensaries keep multiple sub-species, or strains, of cannabis on hand. Available inventory may include flower, indica, sativa, and hyrbids. You can also choose the delivery system best suited to your situation. Cartridges let you easily restock when vaping, for example. Concentrates are easily added to food items as are edibles and tinctures. Topical products help you stay on top of dosing via discreet, simple, trans-dermal application.

Explore website for more options and a world of medical marijuana products available through Herbology for use within Philadelphia and its environs.

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