Signs You Might Need Gambling Addiction Treatment In Holton, KS

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Mar, 2019


How does a person know whether or not they need Gambling Addiction Treatment in Holton KS? Anyone who has a serious gambling problem can find themselves in financial ruin. That’s why it’s important for someone who is having an issue with gambling to recognize the situation and act fast to do something about it.

Borrowing Money

One sign that a person probably needs Gambling Addiction Treatment in Holton KS is that they are borrowing money to gamble or pay off debts. As the gambling issue grows, more and more money will have to be borrowed. An individual who has a problem getting loans legally might resort to using loansharks. Anyone who is doing business with loan sharks is risking their physical well-being. Loansharks are known to engage in brutal actions when they don’t get paid the money that is owed to them. A website like can help people with addictions.

Lying About Gambling

When a person lies about gambling, they might have a problem. Although it’s true that some people lie about gambling and don’t have trouble with betting, others do. For example, a husband might lie to their wife about how they play fantasy football. A person with a gambling addiction might be playing in multiple leagues for a lot of money. Someone who is just playing for fun might just be in it for bragging rights.

Weight Loss

An individual who has a serious gambling problem might suffer from weight loss. The loss can come about due to stress. Someone who has a serious gambling addiction might be too stressed to eat. Also, if a person is in serious financial trouble due to gambling, they might not have enough money to buy food for proper nutrition. Unfortunately, there are people who would rather miss meals than miss placing bets. A gambling addict is always looking for the next big win. And just because a person wins big doesn’t mean the gambling stops. An addict will keep engaging in the same behavior.

When a gambling addict finally admits that they have a problem, they should seek help. A support group and treatment can help to get a person on the right track.

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