Millwright in Fort Worth Will Disassemble and Reassemble Heavy Machinery When Moving It

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2016


What’s it like to work with people in a company that are true experts at their jobs? Technicians who are so skilled at what they do that the boss can totally depend on them to do a job safely and do it right? It has to be a great feeling for a proud employer. Every millwright, laser technician, rigger or painter is a trained professional. When companies want large machinery moved to a new location, it often has to be taken apart to ship it and get it to its destination safely. Once it arrives, it has to be reassembled at a prepared location.

From the Millwright in Fort Worth who takes machines apart to move them, to the machinery riggers who make sure the machinery is held down with special rigging to get them moved, each one is a professional. Log on to to see the kind of business this well known company does. They go ahead of the machinery to prepare the location. They calibrate machinery with lasers once they move it. It may be a small piece of machinery or sections for the construction of a bridge.

The Millwright in Fort Worth has the ability to tear a machine down and put it back together exactly the way it was, and it’ll work perfectly. The company works with pharmaceutical, aerospace and automobile companies. They work with trucking companies, food companies, injection molding and high tech companies. They’re the people who place the huge air conditioning units on the tops of buildings.

They say good things start with the first step, and it’s this way with large machines. Many of them won’t fit on a truck or railroad car when they’re in one piece, but piece by piece, they will fit on many trucks or railroad cars.

The companies in Texas know who will get their machinery safely moved to locations across the country. The rigging is so safe the machines will not move during the entire trip. They can be sure the machine will work when it’s reassembled by the millwright.

Smaller items such as artist’s renderings, or porcelain statues can also be crated for shipment.

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