Mistakes Are Avoidable with the Help of Auto Accident Lawyers in Virginia Beach, VA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2017


The time after an auto accident can be pretty frightening, and the confusion often leads victims to make mistakes. In this guide, potential clients can learn how their actions can hurt the claim and minimize their chances at an appropriate settlement.

Misleading the Insurer

The victim’s best evidence is their version of events. If a car accident victim is untruthful at any time during the investigative process, the insurer will have a reason to dismiss the claim.

Forgetting to Take Photos

With no photo evidence of the auto accident, the at-fault driver’s insurer could successfully minimize the damage to the victim’s vehicle. While there’s no correlation between occupant injuries and vehicle damage, insurers sometimes allege that minor damage proves that occupants aren’t seriously hurt.

Not Doing Small Things

Many times, auto accident lawyers in Virginia Beach, VA see clients who forget to track medical bills, work leave requests and prescription expenses. Such clients don’t realize that although each expense may be small, they add up and help to build the case that the accident caused them pain in several ways.

Delaying Medical Treatment

Sometimes, victims delay seeking medical care. When a victim delays treatment, their injuries may heal, or they may be in another accident that makes it nearly impossible to prove that the injuries were related to the first event.

Talking to the Insurance Adjuster

Regardless of how concerned or polite an adjuster may seem, they’re working for the other sid, and they’re in the business to minimize payouts. Everything a victim says can be used against them, and offhand remarks have hurt many claims in the past.

Talking About the Accident on Social Media

Many insurance reps search social media pages looking for info that can help them reduce or eliminate payouts. In extreme situations, even posting a seemingly harmless message can be used against a victim because it proves that they were well enough to do it.

These mistakes, among others, are why it’s important to seek advice from auto accident lawyers in Virginia Beach, VA. Lawyers can recommend doctors, help clients track documents, and negotiate with the other party’s insurer on the client’s behalf. Call Price Perkins Larkin for further details or to schedule an appointment.

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