Things to Know About Automotive Insurance in Wichita KS for Senior Citizens

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2017


Rates for automobile Insurance in Wichita KS tend to rise as policyholders reach age 60 and move into their senior citizen years. Insurance underwriters know that older drivers are more prone to causing accidents than people in middle age or early adulthood, although it should be noted that the age group of 16 to 24 constitutes the biggest risk population of all. Consulting an independent agent for new quotes is a smart idea.

Physical Issues

Although people in their 60s and older usually have a great deal of driving experience, physical problems that can cause problems with driving skills are more common in this age group. For instance, these individuals may have more trouble with night vision. They may have slower reaction times. Conditions like arthritis can hamper their ability to turn the wheel quickly or to hit the brake pedal hard in an effort to avoid an accident.

Finding Better Rates

Nevertheless, seniors often can find lower rates for similar coverage with a different insurer if their premiums have become too high. It’s important to address various factors that underwriters view as positive when filling out the application for automotive Insurance in Wichita KS.

Mature Driver Course

Completing a mature driver course is a positive aspect in the view of certain insurance companies and can lead to a discount. People typically never brush up on their skills or driver-related knowledge once they finish a driver’s education course in their teenage years, so this type of course can be valuable for someone in any age group.

Miles Traveled Per Year

Retired persons may not drive as often or put many miles on their vehicles when compared to younger drivers. They do not have a daily commute, which often is the biggest contributor to annual miles driven. Especially as people reach their 70s and beyond, they may mainly use the car to go shopping or to visit friends and relatives nearby.

Of course, other people in this age group actually drive more than they used to because they start to travel extensively. Finding the optimum insurance coverage from an agency such as such as Andy Woodward Insurance requires providing all the pertinent information.

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