Modern Business Document Transmission Methods

by | Sep 16, 2014 | Business Services


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There are a great many ways that professionals can transmit business documents to employees, clients, and partners. How they do so depends mostly upon the technology they have in place, the technology the receiving party has available to them, and what option available between these two factors can offer the most security. The internet has streamlined communication in amazing ways, including T.38 Fax over IP and VoIP software, yet it has also paved the way for many security weaknesses that cause people to think twice before sharing sensitive files with the people who need to access them. Here are some of the most common ways to share business documents today.


While email is a very common method for fast communication and information sharing, it is actually one of the most unsecure ways to transmit information. Attaching files is very simple but it’s easy to make a mistake or forget to include the file you need. And it is very easy to intercept and hack for experienced information thieves. If the information you want to transmit is intended to be secure and safe from other viewers, then it might be best to find another method. However, if it’s something that doesn’t need protection and you just need a fast way to share it, email is a simple solution.

T.38 Fax over IP

Traditional fax machines may seem outdated, and they often are because technology has been developed which allows them to take advantage of the internet, which was previously not possible. Now with the help of T.38 Fax over IP software, modern fax machines can use both the PSTN and the internet to great advantage to quickly and efficiently send document images from one machine to another. Some faxing can even take place entirely over the internet without the need of a fax machine too. It all depends on what you need, and whether you prefer to have a fax phone line or an all-online option.

Cloud Sharing

Many cloud storage and sharing companies have been under scrutiny lately because of security flaws, which might cause users to think twice before utilizing these services to share documents. But if you find the right service which you can trust, or even host a private cloud of your own, document sharing is much more secure and reliable. The more security you need the more costly it will be, and if you want something more affordable you may have to make security concessions, but the cloud is fast becoming an excellent way for professionals to collaborate and expand storage.

Whether you decide to use T.38 Fax over IP, cloud sharing, or any other document transmitting option which works best for your company, it’s important to be aware of all the options.

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