Moving Companies – For Better Or Worse

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2016


Whether you are moving for the first time or move on a regular basis, having the right relocation service in place makes all the difference in the experience. As with most services, there are some great moving companies and there are those providing only the basics or even below basic services.

Knowing how to tell the difference and what questions to ask can help you to weed out the worst movers and be left with top moving services. Taking your time and starting to look for movers about two months before your move will give you time to do your research, compare quotes and make a final selection.

Long Distance or Local Movers?

There are some moving companies that only move locally, others that only move long distance and a few that will do both local and long distance. Typically, the long distance companies tend to be the larger national or even international movers as there is additional licensing required for these types of moves.

If you are moving long distance, which is typically out of state or over a specific mileage distance, it is critical to verify the relocation company has the certification and licenses required. This information should be readily available by calling the movers or checking their website.

Professional Moving Crews

There are a lot of moving companies that use day labor or temporary services to fill their moving staff requirements. They may only have drivers on as employees, which means that the people hired to pack and move your items may have no training and no experience in moving techniques and best practices.

Check to make sure that the moving companies you are considering hire and train their staff rather than using from a labor pool. By having trained movers, there is much less risk of any damage to your possessions. Additionally, these movers will be trusted employees and fully licenses and even bonded in some cases.

Customer Service and Moving Support

The best movers make customer service a priority. This can include assigning a move coordinator or a moving consultant to work with your before, during and after your move.

Having one point of contact with the moving company ensures that your move goes smoothly and on schedule. Having these moving coordinators also provides you with a person to talk to if you have questions, want to add services or just need some resources to help you to stay organized for moving day.

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