Avoid a Leaky Basement in Wakefield MA With Proper Waterproofing and Drainage Control

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2016


Basements are a great way to extend the usable square footage in a home. However, making this space usable requires proper water-proofing because moisture is the bane of many construction materials. For instance, drywall, stucco, and similar materials tend to disintegrate once water begins to soak into it. Unfortunately, even a properly sealed basement may develop a leak. A settling building can quickly cause a leaky basement in Wakefield MA by allowing cracks to form in the walls, the separation of cinder blocks or walls that separate from the floor. Each type of failure will require different methods of repair and prevention.

A common problem with many basements is the accumulation of water around the exterior walls. This can be due to poor planning, issues with the water table, problems with drainage or a faulty gutter system. A problem such as faulty gutters could allow water to accumulate in one area, which makes it easier for the water to enter the home. The result is often an accumulation of water on the floor of the basement and the need for a quick repair.

One solution for wet basements is the French drain. This type of repair is a trench placed along the exterior walls which collects the water in a single location. The liquid is then pumped outside the building where it can be dispersed into the lawn. Note that the drain cannot connect to the plumbing and should not enter directly into the local drainage system. Basement water problems may also require external work such as specialized drainage control setup. Combining this with a French drain may be enough to keep the basement dry.

Eliminating a Leaky Basement in Wakefield MA often means fixing cracks in the cement. This may seem like a simple task, but basement walls are fairly thick and determining the depth of the crack could be difficult. The solution is an injection sealant. This is a special formula designed to seal the crack and provide additional strength. The benefit of injection repairs is that the mixture is forced deep in the crack instead of being applied to just the surface. Contact us to learn more about moisture control for basements.

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