Moving Your Business? For Commercial Moving, Raleigh Business Owners Have Many Options

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2015


Making a business move is different from moving residences. While both require packing and transporting, the specifics of commercial moving, Raleigh business owners know, have their own unique problems to overcome. Finding the best mover takes time and patience, but is well worth the time it takes to research the options available.

Finding a Mover You Can Trust
First and foremost, you want to know that you can trust the company you engage to move your business. Ask for recommendations from your colleagues, but be sure to follow up on your own. Look at customer satisfaction reviews, check out their memberships and affiliations and see if they have received any awards for service. These are all good indicators of the type of service you can expect.

Since you will probably have a moving budget, find a company that offers free estimates. Also, ask for a single point of contact for your move. This will make communicating with the company before, during and after the move much more efficient. Ask about facility protection and valuation coverage, both of which will be very important.

Services You May Want to Explore
There are many services available to help facilitate commercial moving that Raleigh business owners will discover. Services available before the move include pre-move planning and budgeting, on-site project management, and floor plan design. Prior to the move, you may have modular furniture that must be torn down and electronic equipment that will need to be disconnected.
The actual move will involve transporting your furniture and fixtures, files and records, computers, electronics and other equipment.

At your new place of business, movers may offer furniture installation and reconfiguration, modular furniture build-out, and electronic equipment reconnection. Some may offer fixture installation and warehousing for excess materials.

Cleaning Up After the Move
You may discover in the course of planning your move that there are some items that you either don’t want to move or are not worth moving. Your mover can help arrange for asset auctions for items that may have value, but you don’t need to your new place of business. They can also arrange to deliver charitable contributions to donation centers. For trash, they can transport recycling items, and some may even offer post-move cleaning services.

Finding the best agency for commercial moving in Raleigh does take some time, but will pay off for your business once your move is complete. Business owners know more than anyone how important reputation is and moving companies want to do a good job for you and your business so you will tell your associates when they are looking for a good mover.

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