The Surprising Services Offered by a Gold Jewelry Shop in Charlton, MA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2015


Most of us visit a local jeweler when we need to buy gifts or replace our own pieces. However, many customers have no idea that a Gold Jewelry Shop in Charlton MA may provide design and repair services. Business like Cormiers Jewelers also offer appraisals and are expert gold buyers.

Jewelers Create Unique Designs

While all jewelry businesses sell a variety of pieces, fine stores also offer design services. Some use computer design systems like CounterSketch Studio. The programs, which can be seen online at sites like, allow customers to create very detailed virtual designs that can easily be changed until they are perfect. Specialists then replicate the details in real-life pieces. Professionals re-design original pieces or turn clients’ original ideas into reality. Since they also sell loose stones, stores often create custom wedding rings that include customer-chosen high-quality diamonds. This is a huge advantage for clients, who not only get one-of-a-kind results but know exactly what size and grade their stones are.

Professionals Repair Jewelry

Many fine stores include goldsmiths and diamond setters who can restore older pieces and make repairs. A Gold Jewelry Shop in Charlton MA can reset stones, refurbish metals and refinish every piece they work on. Some shops have specialty welding equipment that allows them to repair delicate pieces which would be damaged by torches. Experts also carefully inspect every piece they work with. Their work is usually completed in less than a week and is guaranteed, often for as long as a year. Many stores also check and clean jewelry while clients wait.

Experts Pay Well For Gold

Better jewelry stores are staffed by gold experts who offer excellent prices for unwanted jewelry. Many accept broken as well as intact pieces. They usually weigh gold and offer a price based on current market values, which can be surprisingly high. Stores may specialize in estate jewelry and often appraise and buy inherited pieces.

A jewelry store is not only a good place to find beautiful gifts, but may also provide important services. Some sell loose stones and offer custom design services. Most shops expertly clean, restore and repair jewelry and quite a few of them pay well for gold.

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