Need New Pipes? Go Trenchless

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2017


Repairing a water line is a hassle every homeowner will endure at least once over the life of their property. In the past, it often entailed digging up hundreds of feet of piping, to replace that piping and recover it with dirt. You’re left with a barely covered trench winding across your otherwise lovely lawn. It takes weeks to smooth that space out and regrow your grass, and in the meantime, your home looks like it’s been invaded by some sort of burrowing creature.

Rather than endure that catastrophe again, seek out a contractor who is skilled in trenchless pipe installation in Jonesboro.

What Is That?

New technology has allowed pipefitters to grant homeowners with the luxury of perfectly sound plumbing systems without all the headaches. There are several methods whereby a plumber can install new pipes or repair old pipes without all the digging of the past. The most commonly used system for residential applications is cured in place pipes. Contractors insert a specially coated felt tubing into your existing pipes. That tube is expanded to perfectly fit the existing pipes with a structurally sound, fully cured coating that converts leaky pipes into smooth and solid water conveyances. No more leaks, no more trenches. Trenchless pipe installation in Jonesboro is every homeowner’s day dream solution to the latest minor crisis in plumbing.

Who Can Do It?

Any plumber can install a pipe, but not all of them can do so without ruining your landscaping. When you begin your search, seek out your contractor’s customer reviews. Ask to speak to recent clients, and ask the questions that are applicable to the work you need accomplished. Check with at least three plumbers, and don’t accept the lowest quote at face value – you may end up spending more to fix what they’ve damaged. Be sure you’re gotten assurances of insurance and bonds if required, and be diligent about checking licenses.

Trenchless pipe installation in Jonesboro is certainly the most convenient way to have your plumbing done, so make sure you choose a contractor that will do it properly and skillfully. For more information about our services, visit website.

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