Three Maintenance Tips for Residential Air Conditioner Units in Waldorf, MD

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2017


To ensure that your air conditioner keeps running efficiently and your home stays comfortable when the weather turns hot, it is important to keep your air conditioning unit well-maintained. Along with a yearly visit from an air conditioning technician, you can also help with its maintenance yourself. Here are three things you can do to keep your home cool in the summer.

Check the Condenser Fan

Since outdoor residential air conditioner units in Waldorf, MD are exposed to the elements 24-7, the condenser fan can sustain damage from hailstones or debris blown into the unit. To check the fan, turn the power to the air conditioner off before examining the blade. Check for chips or cracks and change the blades if you find any. If you have an older unit, occasionally oil the fan motor bearings to prevent them from seizing.

Clean around the Unit

Allowing weeds, grass or shrubs to become overgrown around residential air conditioner units can block their airflow and reduce their capacity, which in turn affects their efficiency. Trim the weeds, grass and other plant life around your unit and remove the clippings to prevent them from being blown into it. Also, after turning off the power, gently hose out the unit using a garden hose—never a pressure washer—to remove dirt and debris.

Clean the Coil

A dirty evaporator coil can cause it to freeze and fail, which will require an expensive replacement by a residential air conditioner contractor in Waldorf, MD. This can easily be prevented by cleaning the coil regularly. You will need to remove some of the foil duct tape on the outside of the residential air conditioner units, along with some screws. After exposing it, use a soft brush to dust them and a commercial spray designed to clean the coils.

These tips can help reduce air conditioning failures, keep your unit working efficiently, and control your operating costs.

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