Need to Get Cash for Gold in Villa Park Today?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2017


When there is a need for fast money, few methods can beat selling cash for gold Villa Park. Other alternatives for getting the needed money, like loans with collateral, take time and have very specific requirements. For those who don’t have great credit or can’t meet the numerous other requirements loans may have, getting cash for gold may be the fastest and easiest option.

Separate the Gold into Types

There are several types of gold, and it’s important to know exactly what they are before attempting to sell. First, separate the gold into jewelry and non-jewelry (coins, flatware, or decorative objects) piles. With the jewelry, there will be markings somewhere on the piece—usually in an unobtrusive place like the clasp—that list a number.

Gold jewelry is marked with karat numbers including 10k, 12k, 14k, 18k, 22k and, rarely, 24k. The lower the karat number on the gold, the less valuable the gold will be. The higher numbers indicate higher purity, with 24k representing pure gold.

When it comes to gold coins, flatware, and other decorative objects, there is usually an indicator of the gold’s purity somewhere on the piece. It may be hidden on the bottom of a statue, engraved on the back of flatware, or displayed clearly on a coin. However, this may not be true in the case of antique or very old pieces.

Be Aware of Current Gold Prices

Gold prices tend to fluctuate a great deal, so it’s important to be aware of current values. One of the benefits of gold is that it will never lose all of its value, but certain times may be better to sell gold than others. Check out the spot prices of gold online to find out what gold is worth at the moment.

Gold buyers will pay based on those spot prices, but they also need to make some money on the deal. Therefore, the price paid for the gold won’t be the full spot price. Looking for fast cash for gold Villa Park today? The RJ Jewelry & Loan Company is ready to provide prompt and courteous help when it’s needed the most.

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