Heater Cooling Off? Three Reasons Why You Might Need to Call a Professional

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2017


A heater failing in the middle of an icy New England winter is one of the worst things many north-eastern Americans can imagine. To prevent this, it’s important to understand the most common reasons for heating system failure and what kind of repairs your system might require because of them.

Thermostat Malfunction
Many issues with heating and cooling systems can addressed by simply checking the thermostat settings and adjusting them accordingly. Before you call an HVAC professional, see that your settings are where they need to be, and that you haven’t set them improperly. Consult your user’s manual for this, and only call for professional help if any adjustments made do not create positive change.

Filtration Issues
Poor filtration is another common cause of heating system malfunction. If you have been cleaning or replacing filters at suggested regular intervals and doing so properly, it may be time to call in an HVAC professional to ensure that your filter is working as it should be and there are no clogs or obstructions in your vents.

Mechanical Failure
Among these issues, mechanical failure is the most common problem seen by HVAC professionals when repairing heaters. While most systems are designed to last many years with little issue, they are still large, lector-mechanical fixtures that can wear down over time and will require regular maintenance and eventual repair to keep functioning. If your system ceases to work properly, consult a professional to see if repairs or replacement might be in order.

Residents of areas such as Clementon, New Jersey would do well to find an HVAC specialist in their area with experience installing, maintaining and repairing heating and cooling systems for New England homes and buildings. In matters of climate control, local experience is invaluable to the ability of a company to provide adequate services, so locally-based professionals – such as those at Horizon Services Inc. – will always be the best choice.

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