New Psoriasis Medication in East Windsor, NJ, May Help Child Bone Cancer

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2019


A psoriasis medication in East Windsor, NJ, and elsewhere that targets Interleukin (IL) 23 may help treat osteosarcoma or bone cancer, according to an exciting new survey done by the Garvan Insititute of Medical Research. So far, only mice with osteosarcoma have been successfully treated with these medications. This should prompt a human clinical trial soon.

What Is IL23?
Interleukin 23 is cytokine. This is a substance naturally produced by the body’s immune system and produces good and bad things for the body. Some people never are bothered by their IL23 chemicals. Other people develop problems of the immune system like arthritis or plaque psoriasis. This is why many psoriasis medications zero in on IL23.

Study Specifics
The study was published in the September 2019 edition of “Cancer Discovery.” Some mice had IL23 removed completely but this is impractical in people. So drugs that prevent IL23 from working were given to mice with bone cancer. Mouse tumors consistently stopped growing so fast. The drugs were given as well as a standard bone cancer drug called doxorubicin. The IL23-blocking drugs seemed to help doxorubicin work better.

Psoriasis and Sarcomas
A Dutch study completed in 2017 suggested that people suffering from psoriasis were five times more likely to get sarcomas than people without psoriasis. Osteosarcomas are just one type of sarcomas. Other types include sarcomas of blood vessels, cartilage, reproductive organs, and skin.

The Least Your Need to Know
People suffering from plaque psoriasis often develop cancerous tumors called sarcomas. Psoriasis medications that target the cytokine called IL23 have worked to treat osteosarcoma, or bone cancer, in mice. It’s greatly hoped that the medications will help treat not only plaque psoriasis but bone cancer. Clinical trials on people still need to be done.

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