What You Should Know About Elastomeric Roof Coating

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Dec, 2019


You may have heard about elastomeric roof coating. This is one of the more innovative solutions available today for companies that specialize in roof coatings. This type of coating is an elastic coating, which means that there is some give and take to it. It is applied directly to the roof surface, and it works with various types of roof surfaces to create a water and moisture barrier. This type of product is able to seal the underlying roof material present – giving the structure the integrity that it needs to protect the building below.

How They Work and Why They matter

The use of elastomeric roof coating is growing in popularity because of just how effective they can be at helping to stop and even prevent water leaks from occurring. In addition to this, they can limit future weathering of the structure. Because this material can move and stretch more so than other products, it is able to offer a more effective coating and can provide a long lasting solution.

There are a variety of products on the market. Each one of them is quite unique. However, you will find that some of the best products can last the lifetime of the building itself. There is some maintenance and ongoing attention that is necessary to keep them in good condition and clean. However, most often, the heavy bodied elastomeric roof coating is an excellent material that pays for itself in the long term with impressive results.

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