Not Every Car Is Perfect

Posted By : Alex , on Oct, 2015


Next to the purchase of a house, buying or leasing a new car is usually the biggest financial transaction that most people make. The greatest majority of new cars is extremely reliable and with care, will last for many years; however, there are some that are lemons. Every state including Michigan has a lemon law that protects the consumer in the event they end up with a car that meets the definition of a lemon. It is often a wise decision to consult with a Michigan lemon law attorney to guide you; it may be possible to get a replacement car or a refund of the purchase or lease price.

The lemon law in Michigan gives the consumer relief in the event he or she ends up with a defective car, regardless of whether the vehicle was purchased or leased. As the term “defective” varies between states, what does it mean in Michigan?

To be classified as a defective vehicle in Michigan it has to have been in for repairs 30 days or more for the same problem or the problem has not been corrected after four attempts. To qualify, the defect must be brought to the attention of the manufacturer within a year from the date the car was originally purchased. As long as the car is still covered by the original warranty the current owner can seek relief under the Michigan lemon laws. In many states the defect must be mechanical in nature, not so in Michigan, the law applies even if the problem is with the paint or perhaps a persistent water leak.

As is true with every state’s lemon laws it is extremely important to have complete documentation. Maintain a log of all the days the car was in for repair of the same defect, keep all documentation received from the dealer that specifies what the reported problem is, the action that was taken and any parts that were used or replaced.

If it reaches the point where the car has been out of service for 30 days or more or the defect has not been repaired after four attempts you can give notice that you want a refund or a replacement car. To do this you must make the demand in writing and give the manufacturer one final attempt at repair. There are a series of steps that both you and the manufacturer must take, to ensure that you get the satisfaction you deserve you should work with a Michigan lemon law attorney.

A Michigan lemon law attorney can help you get relief in the event your new car turns out to be a lemon. For further information you are invited to contact Krohn & Moss Consumer Law Center.

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