Signs Service for a Vehicle’s Transmission in Ocala is Needed

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2015


At some point or another, most vehicles will experience some type of transmission issue. This may result in simple transmission service being needed, or repairs or replacement for the entire part. The level of repairs that are necessary are highly dependent on how long the vehicle has been driven and the amount of damage that is present.

The good news is that a vehicle will typically let a driver know when service is needed for a Transmission in Ocala. Taking notice of issues early on will help to prevent the issue from becoming worse and more costly to repair. Some of the most common symptoms that a transmission needs service are found here.

Issues Shifting Gears

Since the gears of a vehicle are an integral part of the transmission system, irregularities with them shifting is a clear indication that service is needed for a Transmission in Ocala. Symptoms of gear issues typically include the following:

  • Jerking feeling when attempting to shift gears
  • Gears shifting with no clear reason why
  • Falling out of the proper gear while driving
  • Hesitation when trying to put the vehicle into gear

Shimmying or Grinding Between the Gears

If the gears changing process results in a grinding sound, which occurs in manual transmissions, or a shimmying or shaking feeling, in automatic vehicles, it can be the sign of a clutch that is worn out, or some other type of problem. Regardless of the cause, this is not an issue that should be ignored. Be sure to get the car to a repair shop right away.

Unusual Sounds

In some cases, transmission issues can be indicated if the vehicle starts to make strange noises, such as buzzing, whining or clunks. If the care sounds extremely noisy when in the neutral position, it should be looked at. Other issues with the transmission may result in these sounds, but they should not be ignored.

Taking the time to find the right transmission repair service is important. This will result in the quality of repairs that are achieved. Keep this in mind when any type of transmission issue is present.

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