Occupational Health in Cincinnati, OH Can Help To Keep Employees At Work

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2016


Treating employees with the necessary healthcare needs that are required starts with quality Occupational Health in Cincinnati OH. Businesses that collaborate with this type of business can lower expenses of medical care. Worker’s compensation injuries and illnesses can cost an employer a great deal of money. An occupational health organization can manage these types of claims for the company. Employees who are injured on the job may or may not be able to return to work quickly. If they’re unable to return to their regular job, an occupational health organization can coordinate with the employee and employer to return them to work in some capacity.

Injured workers receive their care based on the best practices. For employers that require physical examinations or drug screening for DOT or non-DOT uses, Occupational Health in Cincinnati OH providers can perform these types of services. Screening employee’s vision is another terrific benefit they can offer. Employees often have difficulty with their vision but they fail to have their eyes examined due to cost. Corporate vision screening through occupational health services can assist employees in determining what their vision problems may be.

The flu arrives in the area on a yearly basis. Corporate flu shots can be administered to employees to reduce the illness from spreading to employees and eliminate extensive absentee problems in the company. Occupational health services offer a certified BWC provider as well as certified DOT examiners. Office hours for employees to be seen are convenient due to the extended hours they offer. They offer very swift services and a complete dedication to returning employees to work after an injury has occurred.

Occupational services offer on-site medical evaluations to employees that have been injured on the job. They focus on the employee’s personal needs and treatment. Treatment is confidential for employees. Physical exams can be performed for pre-employment screening. Any employee that is injured on the job can be seen immediately without any appointment. Coordination with an occupational health service is a partnership that will improve the health outcomes of injured workers and eliminate the opportunity for other serious injuries or illnesses from occurring. For more information on occupational health services near you, please feel free to visit Esurgentcare.com.

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