Visiting A Pediatric Clinic in Newark NJ For Common Injuries

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2016


When a small child is learning how to walk, injuries may occur as they get used to their footing. Knowing how to react when first aid needs to be administered will ensure the child remains in good health with the least amount of pain possible. Here are some of the injuries a child learning how to walk may sustain.

If a child scrapes or cuts their skin, the bleeding will need to be stopped so healing can begin. Wash off the area where the injury is located with warm water. Apply a compress to the area and keep the pressure on it for several minutes. This will slow the bleeding. After the bleeding has slowed, put some hydrogen peroxide on the area to help ward off infection and to remove bacteria. Cover the cut or scrape with a bandage. If the bleeding does not stop, bring the child to a Pediatric Clinic in Newark NJ right away.

Bruises can occur when a child falls when trying to learn to walk. These skin injuries will turn color from the impact of the fall. Wrap an ice pack in a towel and apply it to the affected area. This will sooth the skin and help reduce any swelling. If the child bumps their head, there may be a large bump left in the area where the impact occurred. It is best to watch over the child closely to make sure they do not have a concussion from the impact. If the child starts vomiting, feels dizzy, is lethargic, or loses their memory, bring them to a doctor immediately. It is a good idea to keep the child awake for several hours after the incident so they can be observed for any of the symptoms a concussion would cause.

Finding a Pediatric Clinic in Newark NJ is a relatively easy process. Look online for reputable offices in the area. Visit the website of ChildSmiles.FamilySmiles to find out more about the services they offer to their customers. An appointment can be made by giving them a call or by requesting service through the website. Browse the site for more information.

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