Options for a Storage Container in Long Island

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2016


When businesses and homeowners require storage, they have a few options. They can build a storage shed on the property. That will take planning, permits, a contractor, the allotment of space, and disruption while the process is being completed. A lot of time and money is spent, but if the needs are permanent, many think they will enjoy a high return on the investment. What they may not realize is that a new or used portable storage container can be purchased and delivered to their property. The company will install it and make sure it is set up properly. Containers vary in size and have locked doors, ventilation, and electrical outlets.

Another option is to rent a Storage Container Long Island off-site. Those units are centrally located, monitored by the company, and also vary in size. Some provide access twenty-four hours per day, but some change extra for overnight access. The renters have to haul their belongings to and from the units whenever they have need of them. That requires the right vehicle, extra time, and money for travel. Another expense is an insurance policy to protect items from damage or theft. Most insurance companies do not cover belongings or inventory housed in units that are off-site. Some companies offer month to month rentals, but most require a rental contract of six months to one year. That is not practical, especially when storage needs are temporary.

The best option is to lease a portable Storage Container Long Island. Containers can be ten, twenty, or forty feet in length, and are also available in custom sizes. They are delivered on-site, and can be leased for a few weeks, or long-term. Containers are weather resistant and made out of anti-corrosion steel. They can be customized with a variety of modifications. Roll-up doors, swing doors, and windows can be added, for example. Some have additional ventilation, and partition walls can be placed inside. That can be useful if people who live in a duplex want to share a container. Climate controlled containers are also available for inventory or items that have to be kept cold or frozen. Visit website to learn about storage options, get free quotes, and view examples of containers.

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