Organizing Items In A Storage Facility in Fort Myers FL

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2018


When a move to a smaller home is imminent, placing a surplus of personal belongings in a storage facility in Fort Myers FL becomes necessary. Many people find that organizing their storage space appropriately saves them time and headaches when there is a need to search for a particular item inside of their rented area. Here are some steps to help organize a storage unit.

Take Measurements Before Moving Items

It is a wise idea to measure larger items before placing them in a storage unit. Inquire about the exact space of the unit and take the doorway measurements before bringing items to the facility. Plan where to place each item ahead of time so they fit in the space neatly. Keep in mind that spaces need to be allotted for walking around inside of the unit as well.

Consider Using Multiple Levels When Storing

Raising items away from the floor level of a storage unit helps to keep organized. Invest in a few wooden pallets or shelving units and position them along walls of the storage space. This frees up space on the floor for walking and larger items that can’t be raised. Place a few hooks on the walls of the unit to hang yard equipment, bicycles, or other flat items so they are kept within view and out of the way.

Use Labels And Make A Map Of Locations

Affixing a label to the sides of each box or enclosed item helps to find them easier when needed. Make sure to use block lettering in large, thick print so labels are seen from afar. Placing labels on all sides of items also helps to see information from all angles. After items are positioned in a storage unit, draw a map indicating the whereabouts of important items. Attach this to the wall near the doorway for easy access.

When there is a need to place items in a Storage Facility in Fort Myers FL, finding a business with competitive pricing is desired. Click here to find out more about the services offered or to get contact information so questions are answered.

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