Preventive Dentistry Visits Protect Your Teeth

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2018


Did you think that preventive dentistry was just having your teeth cleaned every few months? It’s actually much more than that and can benefit your health in many ways. Without realizing it, your teeth can suffer from tooth decay. The decay itself creates great damage and requires dental treatment to prevent even more serious dental complications like gingivitis. Preventive dentistry can help to prevent dental conditions that are quite serious from ever happening. Such treatments can include fluoride treatments, proper flossing and brushing, eating a balanced diet, scheduling routine cleanings and checkups, screenings for gum disease and oral cancer as well as comprehensive dental x-rays.

Take Care of Your Smile

The compassionate and caring dental team at Brian Homann, DDS can help you take great care of your smile and will listen to your every need and answer your questions. You can expect preventative dentistry to help you keep your smile healthy with regular cleanings and examinations. Any developing problems can be caught early before they become a serious problem in the future. Early dental complications include cavities which are typically detected during examinations and with x-rays. Treating a cavity in the early stages is much easier than resorting to extensive treatment.

Visit Your Local Dentist Today for Preventive Dentistry

Proper preventive dentistry care should be administered at least twice a year and includes regular cleanings. Once your teeth have been examined better, it will be determined whether you need x-rays and further monitoring for your overall oral health and supportive bone structure. Protect your smile and your health with preventive dentistry so your smile stays in beautiful condition. Schedule an appointment with your local dentist in Elk Grove Village like Brian Homann, DDS to find out how you can actively protect your teeth. Follow us on google+.

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