OTR Truck Driving Jobs – A View from the Driver’s Seat

by | Nov 25, 2015 | Transportation and Logistics


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Over-the-road or OTR truck driving jobs are the perfect option if you enjoy your freedom and want a truck driving career. Putting your CDL to good use and driving America year-round as a satisfied OTR truck driver is what moves the product along and that is good for the driver and the end-user.

Communications is the Key
As an OTR truck driver, you will be away from home often; but family time is still important. Schedules can be demanding but you can still get some of the best home time schedules weekly with good planning. Most hauling companies will have a defined home time policy. The policy will give you a general expectation of how many days a driver is expected to stay out on the road before time off. That is why planning becomes key. You don’t have to miss birthdays or weddings, with good planning.

Trucking companies and professional truck drivers have a huge responsibility to keep our roadways safe. OTR truck drivers need to possess a valid driver’s license and their driving skills need to be perfect. More than likely, you will be driving for eight to ten hours a day and that could be demanding – but with determination and a love of the job, an OTR trucker learns how to schedule accordingly with rests and work breaks. Having a CDL license comes with a lot of responsibility. In some companies it may be more than others but regardless of where you work, safety on the road is your number one concern. Having a safe driving record and keeping the roads a safe place will always be your main objective.

OTR – More than a Job
OTR truck driving jobs are much more than just ‘jobs’, they are a lifestyle. It’s not uncommon to be in several different states in a day and you will most likely meet many new people along the way. You will find the best places to eat and the sunsets can be priceless moments. Working at one of the jobs will also carry with it its share of challenges, but when the haul is done, you’ll know you accomplished something.

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