How Much Compensation Can Be Expected From A Personal Injury Case?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2015


If you sustain injuries in an automobile accident, slip and fall, dog bite or any one of a dozen different injuries you have the right to compensation. Although you can sue you might be wondering whether it is worth the cost and the time. The answer boils down to damages, calculating what the accident cost you in terms of lost wages, medical bills, physical and mental anguish, etc.

Damages for personal injury are paid to the individual who was injured (the plaintiff) by the person or entity that caused the injury (the defendant). In most cases the award is settled between the plaintiff and his or her personal injury lawyer in Detroit and the insurance company of the defendant, in other cases the parties go to court and the award is ordered by a judge.

There are different types of damages that are taken into account when calculating the total compensation.

Compensatory damages: These are monies that are awarded to compensate for that which was lost by the plaintiff as a result of the accident and injury. These damages are designed to make the injured party “whole again” which simply means putting a number on the expenses and other consequences of the incident. Examples of compensatory damages are such things as medical costs and property damage; these are understandable and easy to compute. It is considerably more difficult to assign a monetary figure to pain and suffering or long term limitations on the victim’s life style. The common damages that are factored into a personal injury award include all medical care, lost income, property loss, pain and suffering and emotional distress.

Punitive damages: Personal injury cases always revolve around a victim and a negligent entity. In the event the defendant expressed conduct which is seen as outrageously careless, the personal injury lawyer in Detroit that is representing the injured party will attempt to see to it that the client is awarded punitive damages on top of any other damages that have been awarded. As personal injury cases are civil in nature, incarceration is not an available remedy; punitive damages are awarded as the way to punish the negligent party for its egregious conduct.

In some personal injury cases the injured party may be found to have had a role in causing the accident or their actions post incidence were unreasonable, this can have a diminishing effect on the award.

If you have suffered an injury through no fault of your own then you stand to be awarded damages. You will need a personal injury lawyer in Detroit to fight for your rights; you are invited to contact Thurswell Law.

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