Overview of Worker’s Compensation in Bremerton WA

Posted By : Alex , on Jul, 2014


In the event that an employee is injured while on the job, it is primarily the duty of the employer to ensure that the worker is compensated for the costs of living, treatment and medicine during that period of unemployment. Worker’s compensation in Bremerton WA is usually administered and overseen by the labor department. In the event that the employer refuses to compensate an employee, the employee has every right to sue the company for worker’s compensation if he or she is entitled to it.

Types of workers compensation

1. Medical treatment expenses including emergency and follow up treatment if and when required.

2. Weekly payments during the period of recovery.

3. In the event that the employee suffers permanent disability, he or she is also entitled to a certain amount in compensation.

4. If the injury forces an employee to shift jobs, it is the duty of the employer to pay for retraining.

5. The family of the employee is entitled to payment when the injury leads to death.

Benefits of workers compensation

1. In the event that death occurs, the benefit is paid out to the family, including the funeral expenses. The amount varies depending on the situation.

2. The employee is also entitled to travel allowance if he or she is supposed to travel to get treatment for any work related injury.

3. If it happens that the injury leads to the disability of the employee, the employer is expected to compensate depending on the extent of disability experienced.

4. Once enduring disability occurs, the employee may be eligible for a lifetime payout, depending on the average salary and the extent of the disability.

It is very important that all employees to be knowledgeable on all their rights, including compensation rights. In the instance that an employee is not compensated for an injury acquired at work and is entitled to it, he or she should seek the assistance of lawyers. Many law firms have the capability of handling worker’s compensation in Bremerton WA, such as the law office of Paul W. Bryan. One should, however, ensure that the preferred law firm can handle their needs. You can look here for information on worker’s compensation.

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