5 Benefits of Installing a High Security Lock in Port Jefferson

Posted By : alex , on Jul, 2014


Ever wondered what the term high security locks mean? Ever wondered why you should spend more money buying a high security lock? Is it safe for your home or business? Well, a high security lock is made of high quality material. Unlike the normal locks, high security locks can be able to withstand drilling and hammer attacks without compromising the security of your business or home. The following are five benefits of installing a high security lock in Port Jefferson.

Patented key control

High security locks have a restricted key system that can only be duplicated by authorized dealers. The key cannot be duplicated by unauthorized persons since signature verification is required. You don’t have to worry whenever you give your keys to someone else, be it the housekeeper, plumber or mechanic. A high security lock in Port Jefferson will ensure that you have control over the people that have copies of your keys.

Pick resistant

Standard locks can be picked and opened in a matter of seconds. High security locks are pick resistant. The locks are made using highly sophisticated pick resistant technology. You can be sure that your home or business will be secure in your absence.

Drill resistant

High security locks are specially designed to withstand drill attacks. Most thieves drill a hole between the outer house and the inner cylinder. You might think that no one knows about this simple trick, think again, the information is all over the internet. A high security lock is made of a hard material that is impossible to drill.

Long lasting

The high security locks are long lasting. They are made from steel and brass components. You don’t have to be stressed about any parts getting broken. You can use this lock for years without it breaking or being broken by an intruder.

Ability to withstand physical attacks

High security locks have reinforced strike plates. This means that the lock can be able to withstand hammer attacks. This feature is important as most burglars simply walk up to most doors and use a hammer or simply kick the door to gain access.

A high security lock is a burglar’s worst enemy. The lock will not only ensure that your valuables are safe, but it will also ensure that you have a piece of mind whenever you go out of town.

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