Painting – Tips for Better Taping

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Feb, 2019


If you are a painting contractor supplier, your customers can complete one of the best paint jobs in the business. They might have the best equipment, paint, and materials for the project. However, unless they use something important like blue painters tape properly, an excellent paint job could get ruined. Here are some tips your customers may find helpful for masking before painting.

Use the Right Tape

Not all masking tape is the same. Some tapes may not stick well enough. They could fall off before you get done with your project. You might end up with paint all over the trim or on the edges of the ceiling.

It is important not to use masking tape which sticks too good. Some tapes may be extremely hard to remove, and they may actually remove paint or finish when you take the tape off. How can you avoid this? Make sure to buy products like blue painters tape which is specifically manufactured to go on easy and come off easy too.

The Importance of Cleanliness

Before you apply your tape, make sure the surface is clean and dry. Even some of the best tapes (like blue painters tape) may not stick well if there is dust or dirt on the surface. Make sure to dust all trim and areas to tape, and if needed, use a mild cleaning agent.

Avoid Long Sections of Tape

Suppose you have a ten-foot section of trim to cover or a large picture window. It may seem easier to use long sections of tape, but this can create problems. Long pieces can sometimes curl on you or get tangled, and you may have to throw them away. This is not a cost-effective way to mask. Instead, tear off shorter sections and overlap the seams.

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