Parenting Time Attorneys in Mesa, AZ Help Children in the Process

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2017


Divorce can be difficult for everyone involved, and not less for children. While parents inevitably have to confront plenty of challenges and questions along the way, the whole process can be even more bewildering for a child.

Parenting time attorneys in Mesa, AZ help ensure that children can count on being provided access to both adults they have come to depend on so much, even after a divorce has been finalized. The law firm of Janet R. Feeley L.L.C. and other practices in the area work tirelessly to make sure that outcomes beneficial to all can be achieved.

The Dated Concept of Visitation Rights Has Given Way to a More Accurate and Descriptive Term

In the past, when one parent was awarded sole custody of a child or children, the other would generally be granted the right to spend time with them and visit. While describing things in such terms was the norm for a long time, courts and advocates for children have more recently started to prefer a different take.

Today, it is more common for a court to decree that a parent who retains no share of custody nonetheless still possesses the right to a certain amount of parenting time. Rather than being seen as merely allowing one parent to casually visit a child or children from time to time, this perspective, many have come to feel, better characterizes the active level of involvement and influence that party is entitled to.

Spending Time with Children Matters More Than Ever

By helping the courts understand the value of granting such rights, parenting time attorneys in Mesa, AZ make sure that children will never be forced to do without the positive influence and support one parent or the other could provide. Visit the website of a firm that offers this kind of counsel and representation, and it will be seen that legal work like this can be some of the most significant and important of all. While divorce is never easy and in many cases least so for children, making sure that responsible, caring parents will still be there when it is over can help make things easier for all involved.

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