Treating A Beetle Infestation And Duties Fulfilled By A Tree Service In Boston

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2017


If small beetles have been chewing a maple tree’s leaves, resulting in a tree having an unattractive appearance, the following instructions will help eliminate pests and prevent more from infesting a tree. Branches that contain leaves that have been damaged can be trimmed to improve the appearance of a tree. As branches grow back, leaves will remain healthy and attractive.

Items Needed

  *     pesticide injection kit

  *     drop cloth

  *     plastic sheeting

  *     cordless drill

  *     extension ladder

  *     garden clippers

  *     power saw

  *     rake

  *     wheelbarrow

  *     water hose

  *     nozzle

Administer Pesticide

A pesticide injection kit should be purchased from a company that sells or plants trees. An injection kit will include instructions, a syringe, and pesticide. Before applying pesticide, a drop cloth or plastic sheeting should be draped across the property that surrounds a tree. Small holes need to be drilled around the bottom a tree’s trunk. Holes should be several inches deep and an even amount of space should be placed between them.

A syringe needs to be filled with pesticide before inserting the end of a syringe in each hole and pressing a plunger on the back of a syringe to eject pesticide into a hole. Any remaining holes need to be filled by completing the same instructions.

Prune Branches And Water A Tree

Branches that contain leaves that have holes in their surface can be trimmed while standing on a ladder. A pair of garden clippers can be used to trim branches at an angle. If branches are thick and difficult to trim with clippers, a power saw may be needed to cut through each one.

A minimal amount of each branch should be removed to avoid harming a tree. Branches should not be pulled while attempting to trim them because it could damage a branch.

A rake can be used to gather fallen branches into a pile before using a shovel to place yard waste in a wheelbarrow. If the soil around a tree is dry, a water hose that has a nozzle attached to it can be used to moisten the soil.

A tree service in Boston offers tree services to residential and business owners. Tree specialists from a Tree Service in Boston will eliminate pests from trees, trim branches, plant trees and remove trees that are dying. More details about each of the services can be acquired when an individual chooses to Browse our website.

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