Parking Lot Potholes? Hire a Jackson, MI Asphalt Repair Service to Fix Them

Posted By : Alex , on Nov, 2014


Business owners know that they have to keep their asphalt parking lots in good condition. If a person trips over broken asphalt or a car is damaged driving over a pothole, they can be sued for damages. A well-maintained parking lot and building also shows potential clients and customers that the business is doing well. Therefore at the first sign of failing asphalt, the owner should call a Jackson MI Asphalt Repair Service.

The paving contractor will perform a quick inspection of the parking lot to determine the extent of the damage. If they identify areas with cracks, they can seal the cracks with a hot rubberized filler. It’s important that the filler be certified for cold weather. It has to remain flexible in all temperatures. Parking lot owners may try and save money by filling the crack themselves. However, the filler sold in hardware stores is often not certified for cold weather use. When it becomes brittle during the winter, it allows the moisture from snow, ice and rain to seep into the lower layers of the pavement. This is one of the leading causes of pavement failure.

If the parking lot owner waits too long to call a Jackson MI Asphalt Repair Service there may be large areas of the parking lot that need to be replaced. The best way to do this is to rip out all of the deteriorated asphalt and replace it with fresh asphalt. This allows the paving contractor to see the condition of the gravel that supports the asphalt. The gravel, also called the sub-base, provides the drainage that allows water to flow under the parking lot. That way, it doesn’t pool under the pavement and weaken it from below. If the gravel is in poor condition, then it needs to be replaced.

However, not all parking lot owners want to rip out the asphalt. In that case the paving contractor can use the infra-red patching method. An infra-red heater increases the temperature of the asphalt to about 300 degrees F. New asphalt is then mixed in with it. A compacter levels the combined asphalt until it is even with the existing pavement. This is a very fast and efficient way to fill potholes in busy parking lots. To know more Click Here.

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