Personalize Your Wedding Party With Rentals in Maui

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Jul, 2016


The traditional wedding in America usually follows a familiar template for the ceremony and reception that follows. The American approach is only one method of a vast number of ceremony types throughout the world. Many of these diverse methods are not well known outside of a person’s own culture. The familiar path of creating the perfect ceremony and party is considered to be the road less traveled for many cultures. To Americans, the reenactments that the bride and groom simulates in other cultures would seem rather strange and even akin to the act of hazing compared to the current day’s mainstream ceremonies and parties. The diversity of choices for ceremonies is vast, colorful and even a bit humorous to not only Americans but also to the culture that enacts the commemoration.

The colorful antics of a culture’s wedding practice is underscored with the beliefs that performing certain rituals will help bring good fortune and longevity for the couple. For the Tujia people in China, preparing for marriage initiates 10 days of crying every day for 1 hour. The crying represents tears of joy for the bride, not sadness from all the females in the family. In Korea, the groom gets a beating on his feet with a cane or a fish to ensure he performs appropriately on the wedding night. In France, the wedding couple is forced to drink any of the most disgusting food leftovers from the ceremony out of a real toilet bowl for good luck on the honeymoon.

The props and supplies needed for your wedding celebration are covered with wedding party rentals in Maui. From tents to tableware and lighting to canopies, Maui Rents is available to fulfill your culture’s dream ceremony in Hawaii.

The celebration and beliefs enacted via wedding rituals all over the world adds to the richness and diversity of a multitude of cultures. The underlying common wish for the beloved couple in every walk of life is good fortune and a prosperous life together. Wedding Party Rentals in Maui will help provide what is needed for the happy couple and the rentals that best convey the love sentiments to send them on their way with each family’s unique method of delivery.

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