When Upright Vacuum Cleaners in Macungie, PA Are Better

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2016


When choosing a new vacuum, sometimes canister vacuums are better and in other situations, upright vacuums are better. Understanding when Upright Vacuum Cleaners in Macungie PA are preferable will make the vacuum buying decision easier.

Carpeted Floors

In general, Upright Vacuum Cleaners in Macungie PA are better for cleaning carpeted floors. So if most of the flooring in the home consists of carpet, this is typically a better choice, while if most of the floors are bare, a canister vacuum may make a better choice.

Cost Considerations

Canister vacuums tend to be more expensive for the same quality vacuum as uprights, so those that are on a budget may want to stick with upright vacuums. The most expensive vacuum isn’t necessarily the best vacuum, even when sticking with one type of vacuum, however, so be sure to check reviews to get a good idea about which vacuums people tend to like the best overall.

Space Considerations

Those with a limited amount of storage space may also want to stick with upright vacuums, as there are some available that take up relatively little space in the closet. Canister options tend to take up more space overall and be harder to store.

Stairs and Other Drawbacks

One time when it can be easier to deal with a canister vacuum, however, is when you have a lot of stairs. It isn’t always easy to clean stairs with an upright vacuum, even with the available attachments. Many times the attachments won’t reach to the top of the flight, meaning lugging the upright vacuum up the stairs to finish cleaning them. Canister vacuums are also easier to use to vacuum under furniture and around tight spaces. Some canister vacuums also work better for limiting allergens in the air, but this depends on having a good HEPA filter.

Other Considerations

Look for a vacuum with a retractable cord that is relatively light and easy to maneuver. With uprights, check the hose length and flexibility, as a longer and more flexible hose makes it easier to vacuum with the attachments for furniture, stairs and other uses.

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