Pest Control in Leominster, MA Includes Mosquito and Tick Control

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Sep, 2019


If you live in Massachusetts, you already know that mosquitoes can make outdoor entertaining rather miserable. That is why you need to contact a specialist that is well equipped to handle mosquitoes and ticks. The right company has the necessary substances and equipment to ensure annihilation of these kinds of insects.

When you contact a service company that handles pest control in Leominster, MA, you will need to check the company’s service plans. For instance, perhaps you are holding an outdoor party, such as a wedding reception. In this case, you might opt for one-time service.

How Long Do Treatments Generally Last?

Most outdoor pest control treatments last about four weeks. Make sure that you choose a business that does not use fogging units or backpack sprays. Instead, find a provider that can treat your backyard during the daytime hours so you can enjoy your property that night.

If you don’t have a major mosquito or tick problem, you should have your yard treated semi-annually. Elect to have the pest control treatments scheduled in the early fall and early spring. If mosquitoes seem to be invading your outdoor living space, you need to take more aggressive measures.

In this case, you need to arrange for treatments four times per year. Usually, treatments are scheduled in the months of April, June, August, and September. However, you can also choose the months. You may also opt for treatments six times during the year, which begins in the latter part of April. The recurring monthly treatments go on until late September.

Eight- and Ten-Week Schedules

Another recurring service begins in late March and allows homeowners to really focus on mosquito problems. During March, the treatment is designed to concentrate on mosquitoes while attacking ticks. The pest control treatments will go on monthly until October. Ten-week schedules to get rid of mosquitoes and ticks can also be arranged.

Would you like to know more about getting rid of mosquitoes and ticks? If so, visit a website that will give you all the information that you need. Contact a specialist in the field, such as Keep on top of any mosquito or tick problem by working with an environmentally friendly, responsible mosquito and tick control provider.

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