The Advantages of Poured Floor Covering in NY.

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Sep, 2019


Poured floors include epoxies, acrylics, urethane, flexible, and self-leveling systems. They are seamless, durable, and waterproof with many applications in commercial, industrial, and residential settings. The non-porous surface does not collect dust, bacteria, pet hair, or dirt because of zero grout lines and the elimination of sections.


This type of flooring will save money and time in several ways. One way is inexpensive maintenance. The Floor Covering in NY has a high gloss shine that will not require waxing, polishing, or stripping. Daily maintenance is simply going over the surface with a damp mop to remove particles on the top.

Commercial and industrial settings will save time and money because there is much less down time when floors are cleaned. This drastically reduces paying employees to sit around while maintenance is completed. Productivity remains high so deliveries and deadlines are still met.


Poured flooring is slip resistant and can be textured to avoid falls and injuries. An increase in safety translates to lower liability risks for business and homeowners. Insurance premiums are typically lower because premiums are based on risk levels and these floors have no edges that can curl up and trip people like tiles can.

In addition to being seamless, non-porous and durable, poured floors are sanitary which makes them perfect for laboratories, research centers, and pharmacies. Less germs will be spread at hospitals and nursing homes where cross contamination is sometimes an issue.


Poured Floor Covering in NY does not mean the floors are boring and all the same. Different colors and textures are offered, and custom designs can be part of the floor. Company logos, names, or slogans can be copied and included in the floor design.

Family colored photographs, crests, and custom designs will grace the flooring in kitchens, entryways, basements, and bedrooms and just about any other room in the home. The chemical resistance of seamless flooring is ideal for garages, especially if someone in the household enjoys completing routine maintenance on the vehicles. Oil and other automobile fluids will not penetrate or stain the surface.

The advantages of these flooring materials and systems warrant a closer look when floors need updating or replacing. To begin to understand the pricing and process of poured flooring, start at Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation. You can also visit on Facebook for more information.

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