Popular Types of Swimming Pool Construction in Fayette County

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Oct, 2019


If you are looking to add a swimming pool to your property, you may not have enough information about your available options. Below is some information to flesh out your options in the swimming pool marketplace. There are benefits to each type of pool construction. Pool supply and service professionals are available to provide you with exceptional swimming pool construction regardless of the material you choose. Coweta County homeowners can utilize the expertise of professionals in the pool construction field to get the type and size of swimming pool that can provide years of enjoyment for the family.

Vinyl lined in-ground pools are similar in structure to aboveground pools. However, a different procedure is used for installation. With vinyl-lined pools, the construction process involves digging a hole and building a metal, plastic, or wood frame around its perimeter. Sand is placed at the bottom of the hole and the vinyl lining is connected to the constructed wall. Any remaining gaps are then backfilled.

Poured Concrete
With concrete swimming pool construction, a crew excavates a hole for the pool, performs the installation of the plumbing, and builds wooden forms that define the shape of the pool. Concrete is then poured into the forms. A smooth finish is applied to the concrete surface after it sits for about one week.

Above Ground
Professionals often perform the installation of aboveground pools from fabricated kits. The ground is made level initially with the installation of a perimeter track next that provides support for the outer wall. Then, sand is spread with the plumbing laid out. After this, a vinyl liner is placed over the walls, the pool is filled up with water, and the liner secured. Finally, the pump and filter systems are connected, and the pool is ready for swimmers.

Gunite pools are constructed similarly to poured concrete pools. Within the framework of these pools, rebar is secured with wire placed 10 inches apart. With the grid in place, construction crews spray coats of Gunite (a mixture of cement and sand) around the rebar. The mix of dry Gunite and water produces a wet concrete material that is troweled into place. The gunite is left for one week to set. It is then provided with a finish which may consist of fiberglass, tile, exposed aggregate, plaster, or concrete paint.

With fiberglass swimming pool construction, fiberglass reinforced plaster is molded into a basin. The construction crew excavates a hole that can contain the mold. The crew places the plumbing, adds sand filler, and installs the structure. After this, construction professionals level the pool, hookup the plumbing, and backfill the surrounding shell. In addition, many times custom decking is also installed around the pool.

To learn more about your pool construction options, contact an experienced pool service company serving Coweta County.

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