Starting A Case With A Divorce Lawyer In Bremerton, WA

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Oct, 2019


In Washington, divorce cases are either contested or uncontested. A contested divorce means either the party doesn’t want the divorce or is fighting due to the terms outlined in the agreement. Uncontested divorces are cases where the parties agree to the terms completely. A Divorce Lawyer in Bremerton Wa explains what petitioners can expect when starting a divorce case.

Does the Petition Know Where Their Spouse Lives?

The location of the defendant is vital for simplifying the divorce case. Petitioners provide an address for their spouse where a court officer delivers the divorce summons. If the spouse’s whereabouts are unknown, the attorney starts the process of service by the public and places an ad in the legal section of the newspaper.

Protection from the Court

Any spouse who was the victim of abuse or domestic violence receives protection from the court. A protection order prevents contact between the aggressor and their victim. Provisions appear in the order explaining what additional actions are prohibited. If the aggressor violates the order, that spouse is arrested and new charges are applied.

Temporary Child Custody and Support Requirements

During a divorce case, either parent can acquire temporary child custody, child support, and spousal support. When the divorce motion is filed, the judge approves or denies the arrangements. Any arrangements approved by the judge are explained to both spouses via additional documentation. If a spouse fails to provide support as ordered, they could be held in contempt of court.

Creating an Amicable Divorce Agreement

The divorce agreement defines all terms of the divorce. Each spouse reviews the terms and determines if they agree or not. Couples negotiate the terms through their attorneys whenever possible. Mediation starts when couples face difficulties with the terms. As long as they reach an agreement, the couple doesn’t need a divorce trial.

In Washington, divorce cases follow strict laws pertaining to how the marital estate is divided and what party gets child custody. The circumstances of the cases determine if the petitioner requires court protection. Petitioners who want to learn more about filing for a divorce can contact a Divorce Lawyer in Bremerton Wa right now.

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