Potential Advantages of Carrying an Emergency Fire Starter in Washington

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2016


Anyone who spends any time out in the wilderness may want to consider carrying some type of survival kit, especially if they’re going to be a good hike away from civilization. You never know what might happen. One component that definitely should be included in this type of kit is some type of Emergency Fire Starter in Washington.

Importance of Fire

If something should happen and you get stuck out in the woods by yourself or with only a few companions, the ability to start a fire is key. It can get cold at night, and the fire can keep you warm. The fire increases the amount of different types of food you can prepare, and it can also help to keep animals away from you. It’s also just plain comforting to have a fire when you’re out in the wild.

Types of Fire Starters

Some people recommend carrying at least five different methods for starting a fire. This could include matches but don’t rely on the paper ones-;you want wood ones that are waterproof if you can find them, preferably the strike anywhere type if they’re legal where you are. A second method could be a lighter, but a more popular one is to have a fire steel and scraper, as these can start a fire even if they get soaking wet. These are often part of kits to be used as an Emergency Fire Starter in Washington. Some people carry a 9-volt battery and some steel wool as another alternative. Of course, there’s always the old standby of two sticks, but this requires the right type of sticks and some extra knowledge and practice to accomplish.


Of course, an Emergency Fire Starter in Washington isn’t much use if you don’t have anything easy to light on fire. If the surroundings are all wet, it helps to have some type of tinder with you. There are commercial tinder options available that are particularly easy to light, but cedar shavings, dryer lint, a cotton ball coated in vaseline, birch bark, or cattails can all serve the same purpose.

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