Precast Products: Reinforced Concrete Boxes

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2019


Over the past few years, the market for precast concrete products has continued to develop. New products continue to come online as technology and demand converge. In Georgia, among the latest precast products are reinforced concrete boxes. They are improving the overall efficiency of construction projects across the United States.

What Are Reinforced Concrete Boxes?

Reinforced concrete boxes are large, precast concrete box units designed for use in the construction of culverts and sewers i.e., box culverts, box sewers. They are reinforced using one of two possible methods:

  1. Rebar (reinforcement steel and reinforcing steel) – The tried and true traditional method of reinforcing concrete. It is the use of steel bars or mesh of steel wires to reinforce concrete, strengthening it for certain projects
  2. Structural welded wire reinforcement (WWR) – This newer technique welds wire in a mat. The mat remains in place even during the positioning of concrete

Why Use Precast Concrete Boxes

Construction projects turn to concrete boxes in general for the following reasons: They

  • Are high-quality products
  • Offer durability
  • Are economical
  • Save time – a box culvert or under road box can be placed and backfilled in a single day
  • Can be installed no matter what the weather
  • Like all precast concrete products, provide an efficient way of constructing sewers and culverts

Using precast concrete boxes one way of ensuring specific projects in Georgia succeed.

Reinforced Concrete Boxes: An Example of Precast Concrete Products

Precast concrete products have a reputation for reducing costs, labor, and time on construction sites where these factors are of the essence. It is a status they have earned. Whether the project demands culverts, pipes, bridges, curbs or boxes, precast, and reinforced precast concrete items provide the best concrete can offer. They are durable, resilient, and strong. In projects throughout the United States, including such challenging locations as Georgia, concrete can deliver what so many materials cannot in this day and age – longevity.

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