Pet Hospital in Manahawkin, NJ with Comprehensive Health Care for an Exotic Animal

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2019


Exotic animals need special veterinarian care. Pet hospital in Manahawkin, NJ that offer treatment for exotic animals are equipped with rooms that mimic the habitat they need to live in if it applies to the animal. Veterinarians speak with the owners and learn about their daily activities and behavior. An exotic animal receives species-specific medical care to prevent illness and enhance overall health. They’re tested for medical conditions that only affect the exotic animal classification they’re grouped in. Veterinarians and staff convey the same comprehensive medical care for an exotic animal in Manahawkin, NJ as they would a dog or cat.

Some animals can develop oral ailments that imperil their general health. When plaque builds up in the mouth, an infection can take over and be introduced into the bloodstream. If it goes that far, other health problems may follow. Veterinarians can check to see if other medical conditions like metabolic bone disease contribute to poor oral health. Rabbits are prone to this disease due to their incessant tooth growth. Abscesses can develop in metabolic bone disease making it very painful for the animal. If the cause is known, veterinarians can take the proper steps for treatment to cure or prevent it from getting worse. Comprehensive dental care includes cleaning of the gums and teeth, extracting badly damaged teeth and digital radiographs for diagnosing purposes.

Laser therapy is a new method of treatment that boosts energy in animals. Laser therapy taps into ATP, or the bodily functions that increase cellular health. With this therapy, pet owners will see an improvement in their pet’s energy and inflammation is decreased. It accelerates the flow of nutrients throughout the body, and especially within the cellular wall. An animal’s health improves in a number of ways with laser therapy. It can increase an animal’s life span and help them recover from injuries faster.

When a pet strays from home, a family is saddened with the uncertainty that their companion will ever find its way back. Microchip placement can eliminate that problem altogether. The chip is placed under the skin so pets can be tracked in the event they are lost. Schedule an appointment at Veterinary Associates to start the finest pet health care program.

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