Preparing for an Initial Visit with a New Dentist in Victorville

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2015


When a person can’t remember the last time he saw a Dentist in Victorville, it’s definitely time to find a new dentist. This will enable a person to get preventive and restorative treatments needed to have enhanced oral health. Since seeing a dentist can be a source of stress and fear for some people, it’s a good idea to prepare. This will make the initial visit more productive and easier for all people involved. The following suggestions can assist with this task.

While a dentist may not need dental records from a previous dentist, it’s preferable to have these records sent to the new dentist’s office. Dental records can usually be faxed in between two dentists at no cost. If a person chooses to pick them up from her previous dentist, a fee may be charged per page. A dental patient may be able to sign a form requesting that only certain parts of her dental record be sent. The new dentist should have these at least a week before an initial appointment.

It’s essential for a patient to fill out all new patient forms. These can usually be obtained online. This packet normally includes a medical questionnaire, registration form, and HIPAA form. The medical questionnaire will include queries about a person’s recent and past health. A person should list all known allergens to prevent accidental exposure to these substances. Current medications should also be listed along with the reasons for taking these medications. This will help prevent a person from being prescribed the same medicine twice.

A person should be prepared to have an in depth consultation with the Dentist in Victorville. This is the time to tell the new dentist about any concerns or questions regarding pain, embarrassment, or sensitivity to certain treatments. A dentist may be able to use sedation dentistry or alter treatments to accommodate a patient. A consultation will also be a time for the dentist to tell a patient about realistic expectations and aspects of dental treatments. For more information on dental services, a person can talk to a professional at West Covina Family Dentistry. This dental practice offers many services including restorations and orthodontics.

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