Used Harleys in Pittsburgh for the Novice Rider

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2015


It’s time to buy that first motorcycle. The person knows how to drive one after practicing with a friend’s bike and has gained some experience riding around as a passenger. Does it make sense to start with a Harley? Are these bikes too big and powerful for the novice? It actually may be a good idea to check out some Used Harleys in Pittsburgh to find models that are excellent for someone who isn’t an expert at operating a motorcycle. With used models, this person also can spend significantly less than would be true with a new one. If motorcycle riding turns out to be as fun as hoped, a new Harley can always be in the picture a few years down the road.

A beginner generally does best with a bike in which power is not intimidating. People tend to think of Harley-Davidson motorcycles as being brawny, forceful machines, but some are small and light enough to be suitable for the novice. The Sportster SuperLow, for instance, is often recommended for people who’ve never owned a bike before. The company has made changes to this particular model several times over the years, so shops that feature Used Harleys in Pittsburgh may have numerous different versions of the SuperLow available. The Sportster Iron is another possibility. This has an edgier style than the SuperLow, but it’s still lightweight for a Harley.

One aspect of Harley-Davidson bikes that beginners often like is the low seat on many models, allowing the rider to put both feet on the ground when stopped. This provides a level of stability that’s reassuring to someone who is inexperienced in operating a bike. Riders can graduate to a bigger, heavier model later if they decide they want to take long trips with the bike and feel comfortable doing so.

A store such as Z&M Cycle Sales is happy to help individuals who are just starting to embrace the world of owning a motorcycle and really want to have a Harley. Their representatives truly understand that desire and are eager to assist the customer in finding the most suitable bike.

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