Preparing for Dental Treatment Fargo ND with a New Dentist

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2015


Getting Dental Treatment Fargo ND is necessary to realize optimal oral health and overall health. Without dental care, a person is prone to dental decay and gum disease. It can be stressful to receive dental care from a new dentist. To make an initial visit more productive and calm, it’s helpful to use the following suggestions. These tips can be combined with other suggestions for comprehensive preparation.

Before getting Dental Treatment Fargo ND with a new dentist, ensure that the practice’s new patient packet is filled out. The forms in this packet will help the office personnel make a new patient file and file insurance claims. Details from these forms will also help the dentist learn about a patient’s medical and dental histories. Some forms in a new patient packet include an HIPAA form, registration form, and medical questionnaire. Don’t rush when filling these documents out. Instead, take some time to review the answers on the documents. When returning the new patient forms, give the office staff your insurance card so a copy of it can be made.

Find out if the new dentist will want to review previous dental records. These records can be faxed at no cost directly between two dentists. A patient can fill out a form to request that only certain parts of dental records be sent to the new dentist. This will have to be done with each individual dentist. Also, ensure that these records are sent to the new dentist about a week ahead of time.

Compile a list of questions to ask the dentist. These queries can address such issues as pain control, realistic expectations, and dental procedures. Pose these questions during the consultation part of the visit. A dentist may be able to alter treatments or use sedation dentistry to make visits less stressful and painful. Also, be prepared to answer questions the dentist asks. Even though this information may be on the medical questionnaire, the dentist may want to learn more about a person’s dental history by asking certain questions. Using these steps can help a patient have a fruitful visit with a dentist like the ones at Concept Dentistry.

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