Setting Up A Recycling CT Town Cleanup

by | Dec 10, 2015 | Waste Management


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When a town is in need of some extra help in removing trash from its streets, a neighborhood committee can undertake the project on their own as a community service. Setting up this endeavor is not that difficult and it can be a fun time for all involved.

First, make sure all participants have the proper supplies to take care of trash and Recycling CT. Use two different bags to separate regular trash from items that can be recycled. Each participant should have a pair of heavy-duty gloves to protect their hands while picking up trash.

Call a waste service to have a dumpster delivered to contain all the trash that was collected during the cleanup. Recycling bins can also be delivered to someone’s home for any items that can be reused.
Have one person drive up and down the streets of the town in a pickup truck, looking for the trash bags that others have placed alongside the road. These can then be brought to the dumpster for disposal. The color of the bag will determine whether it should be tossed into the dumpster or opened to place the items into a recycling bin.

Have small groups walk together so they stay safe while collecting trash and recycling. It is a good idea for each person to wear a bright-colored shirt so they are seen by motorists passing by.

When the trash has been picked up and hauled to the collection site, have the participants meet so they can see how much trash they had collected. They will feel happy knowing they had done a great service for their community. Take photos and give awards to those who had collected the most trash. The waste and garbage removal service can then be alerted to come pick up the trash and recycling.

If someone has further questions about renting the right equipment for a waste removal service project, calling a company like Willimantic Waste Paper Co can be beneficial. They would be able to give tips about the process and would be happy to set up an appointment for collection service.

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