Professional Techniques Used for Mice Pest Control in Maui

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2016


Homeowners who are plagued with mice getting into the house may try numerous strategies to get rid of the critters and stop the problem, all with little success. Just when it seems the problem has been resolved, another mouse makes an appearance or it leaves behind little pellets that alert humans of its presence. It’s time to call for Pest Control in Maui, as these technicians are experts at finding where the mice could be getting in, sealing up those areas, and providing advice on how to make a house unattractive to rodents. They also may set up traps around the property to eliminate any existing infestation. The homeowners will be responsible for monitoring the traps and disposing of the dead rodents.

Technicians who perform Pest Control in Maui avoid using poison with mice unless the substance is in an enclosed, completely escape-proof trap. The little containers providing food with rat poison are bad ideas for two main reasons. First, the mice are likely to crawl inside walls and under flooring when they begin to feel ill, then expire there. That leads to disgusting odors as the carcasses decay. Second, mice don’t die immediately after eating poison. They may travel around outside for a while, which creates the risk of them being killed and eaten by another animal. That animal might be someone’s pet cat or dog.

Pest control workers from a company such as He-Man Services are skilled at spotting even tiny crevices and flaws around the foundation where mice can squeeze inside. They seal up those holes and cracks as well as small spaces around wiring, pipes, and other equipment going into a building. Homeowners will be advised to avoid letting plastic bags of garbage pile up outside or in garages, sheds, or carports. Mice may still smell food aromas and chew through the bags. Bird food under feeders can attract mice, so property owners will benefit by setting up platforms under feeders and sweeping away the spilled seed and grain every day. It’s also important not to throw food in the yard for birds since that is a big attraction for mice.

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