What to Look for in Divorce Lawyers in Wanaque, NJ

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2016


Facing a divorce can be terrifying, but choosing the right divorce lawyers in Wanaque, NJ can make the process as bearable as possible. Unfortunately, far too many people cycle through several different divorce attorneys before they finally find what they are looking for. Knowing exactly what to look for is essential, and the info below can help you do that.

Take the Realistic Approach

Remember that divorce is a formal legal process that is designed with the purpose of ending the marriage. The lawyer’s goal is to assist the client through that legal process, but they are not there to work as a psychologist or a life coach. It may seem easy to blur those lines when in a state of despair, so be sure that the legal goals are always kept in mind. Keep the personal feelings for a therapist, and use every minute with the lawyer to discuss the legalities of the divorce.

Be Aware of What Is Required

Divorces can vary widely today, ranging from the uncontested divorce with no kids to the highly-contested one with multiple children. Some divorces are easy enough to resolve with a property split down the middle, while others end up being an endless war about dividing the property in a way that both people can agree on. Be aware of what your divorce will require. Do you just need an attorney to get the divorce done fast, or is the goal more focused on negotiating with a difficult spouse? When hiring a lawyer, making these requirements clear will make it far easier to choose the right person for the job.

Understand the Fees

Most divorce attorneys work on an hourly basis. In general, a lawyer will usually ask for a retainer before they will begin work on a divorce case. This retainer functions as a kind of deposit, one which will be used as payment until the funds are exhausted. In many cases, the retainer will be enough to fund the entire case but, if not, there may be additional funds owed at the conclusion of the case. Be sure that the financial terms are crystal clear before hiring any lawyer. If you are looking for experienced divorce lawyers in Wanaque, NJ, consider calling Larry Goodman Law.

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