Proper Maintenance and Deck Repair Services

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2016


Decks made of natural wood require proper maintenance to keep them from fading, drying out, and warping. Staining, for example, should be done every two years because natural wood fades, and the stain can chip or crack. That would allow moisture to get into the planks and cause warping and splinters. Stripping and sanding is another routine maintenance task that should be completed every six years to keep the deck looking great. Some homeowners choose to save money by doing some of the maintenance work themselves, which is fine with detailed instructions. The process is time consuming, and requires tools, as well as materials. Experienced contractors can complete the maintenance in less time, and ensure it is done properly, for less total costs in most cases.

Deck Repair Services require experienced craftsmanship. Warping, for example, may require techniques to clamp together planks, balance weights to help straighten boards, or may require some board to be replaced altogether. Splinters can be repaired with sanding and re-staining, but if the area is not repaired correctly, or enough of the deck is not repaired, the issue will persist and cause further damage. Minor deck repairs, done right the first time, will save money on major repairs, prevent further damage, and restore the deck to its natural beauty and full function. Alterations can also be made to decks to accommodate changing needs. Adding a hot tub, for example, may require cutting out a bigger space or reinforcing the framing of the existing deck.

Repairs for composite wood decks are also available, but are not needed very often. Composites are more durable, and will not warp, fade, or splinter, so repairs are only needed in the event of a major accident, or natural disaster. A railing may need to be replaced, or built-in seating repaired, for example, if a tree limb, or heavy object has fallen on the deck. Experienced companies, like Jenks Fence, for example, will evaluate repairs needed, and provide expert contractors to complete the work. In addition to Deck Repair Services, Custom deck design and construction is also available. Custom fencing, gates, and entryways are also constructed in a variety of materials, such as wood, vinyl, chain link, and wrought iron. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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